LaCrosse Grape

This white-grape cultivar was produced in 1970 in Minnesota by Elmer Swenson, a pioneering grape breeder who introduced
a number of new cultivars that are hardy in the Upper Midwest. It is the result of a cross between another Minnesota
hybrid and Seyval Blanc.

La Crosse is an important cultivar in the Midwest and other northern climes. It is somewhat hardier than Seyval with cold
hardiness to around -25°F. It is moderately susceptible to the more common wine diseases. Harvesting occurs early to mid-season.

La Crosse grapes can produce good quality, clean, fruity white wines of moderate acidity. They are often made in a dry or semi-dry style.

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Wines produced from this grape are available at these wineries.

  • Farm House Winery
  • Empty Nest Winery
  • Park Farm Winery
  • Tabor Home Winery
  • Winneshiek Wildberry Winery

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